About our PCA Program: 

This is one of several Minnesota programs designed to help older adults and individuals with disabilities, living independently in community settings rather than in institutions. The services are provided in the recipient’s home or in the community when normal life activities take place outside the home.

Personal Care Assistant services are a type of Home Care Service that helps individuals living in Minnesota cover non-medical health related needs and day-to-day activities. 



The aim of PCA Services is to assist service recipients to live independently and be part of a collective community. PCA services are available to individuals ranging from different age groups with special health related needs which are paid under the member’s medical insurance.

Listed below are common personal care services clients receive:

·        Dressing

·        Grooming (brushing teeth, denture care, perineal care, hair care & skin care)

·        Bathing

·        Eating

·        Toileting (assistance with bedpans, urinals or commodes)

·        Positioning

·        Transfers

·        Mobility

·        Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs): Light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation etc.

(not allowed for recipients under age 18 unless otherwise specified in the PCA Assessment and Service plan indicating a need for a PCA to assist a child with IADLs as needed for health and hygiene reasons integral to the personal care services then IADL’s can be provided to the child).



Homemaker services are services provided to the elderly and disabled adults as daily household tasks become difficult. Homemaker services are designated services aiding in general household activities when an individual is unable to manage routine household tasks or the primary caregiver who is responsible for the tasks is unable to manage the activities or is temporarily absent. Homemakers provide services that support client well-being by helping with a variety of needs such as:

·        Meal planning and preparation

·        Washing dishes

·        Light housekeeping (things like dusting, vacuuming)

·        Running errands

·        Accompaniment to appointments

·        Helping with organization

·         Laundry

·        Accompaniment to grocery shopping

·        Making/changing the bed


Diamonds Home Health Care is a fee for service provider and we accept clients seeking private pay services. We will bill clients directly for the services rendered. We are dedicated to providing professional and experienced workers whether you are looking for short-term or long-term care. DHHC will make sure we provide personalized care by giving our clients the choice in how often and when the services are delivered.

For a list of contracted insurance please contact our office.