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Available when a client needs or prefers to receive extra services not covered by Medicare or elects to add additional nursing services in the home. Our RN Concierge services are customized to meet your needs and preferences. These services are billed hourly, in 15-minute increments. Long Term Care Insurance may pay for these services. Check your individual policy.

RN Transition Services:

Short-term personalized RN services are available to bridge the gap of care after a hospital, same-day surgery, or transition care unit discharge back home. Even if you have Skilled Home Care set up for you after discharge, there may be a day or two before those services are initiated. Our RN Transition Services will assist you during the first 24-48 hours, or however long you want.

Services may include:

  • Collaboration and discharge coordination with your health care professional team
  • Medication reconciliation and set-up
  • Prescription pickup and delivery
  • Coordination of durable medical equipment
  • Home safety assessment and recommendations
  • Health and wellness monitoring and communication with the health care professional team
  • Organization of personal home health and discharge records
  • Setting up primary care physician and specialist appointments
  • Communication with family members

Wellness Care

Chronic Disease Management such as CHF, COPD, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and Arthritis – The RN works with each client to create an individualized plan to identify their health and wellness goals and develop strategies to achieve positive outcomes. Health monitoring, evaluation, and communication with providers and family are part of our wellness care.

Medication Management Services

Medication reconciliation with pharmacy and health professionals. Medication set up and monitoring services.

Wound Care

This service is determined on an individual basis. Daily RN wound care may be an option.

Nail Care

We provide non-diabetic foot and nail care.

Pain Management

  • Evaluating different living options and recommendations
  • Attending care or discharge planning conferences
  • Arranging durable medical equipment and skilled home care services
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